Simon Mullan

The true fiction phone call.

To have some one to call. To know what to say and know how to listen, to smile in silence, To see a world in a grain of sand. To smoke without cigarettes.

The fantasy is in front of you. Andreas makes it so real that it becomes my reality too. Before seeing ´Fiction Phone Call´ I knew the story, I even knew the name of the video, still I was wondering about this guy’s yellow Ferrari. I wasn’t fooled, I like other viewers are captured and taken into the world of Sophie and Yellow Ferraris. There is no way of getting out, of escaping the real artist, the natural born actor’s invention. He invents and we just have to follow. He is the creator of a time and a certain happening, of a Birthday party and a very special guest.

Are we even invited, do we dare to ask him? The fiction phone call talker, by the true speaker is not too humble and doesn’t have to ask the audience for permission. He knows you’re going to follow him, directly to the heart of his appearance and imagination. It’s his party and he invites whoever he wants and the one person for him right now is Sophie. So maybe we shouldn’t even bother, to break into a world that is his creation. Yes it’s a game, but he is the leader and would never accept anything to interfere with the show. The show of dreaming.

And to hear her voice. Planning when to take a ride with the yellow car. To wait for her answer. Sophie? Are you coming? What car, Sophie?

Sophie is untouchable for us, because it’s only through his ears and lips that we are able to see her. He is the medium keeping her in safe distance for anyone who wouldn’t understand how to be a part of it.

Can we be a part of Andreas imagination? Can dreams be shared and understood?

The fiction phone call and the completely true moment, that the people in the car are sharing, just by following and listen to Andreas, reveals the stable grounds of dreaming. Fantasy is not a transparent mist of purple and white clouds, it’s made of words and views, smiles and secrets and can be shown when confronting the real Actor.

Th actor and the creator, in the centre of making dreams. In a car. In the supermarket. In the woods. In the hospital. The gift to escape by your own, with your own hands, is the short cut to happiness. To be rich without money, to drive without a car and to be in love, just because Sophie do exist for a moment. To hold you destiny in the palm of your hands.

To let the actor lead the game is easy because its just for us to follow, we don’t need to come up with ideas or doubts because the story teller is so much more than a story teller, he is an illusionist and the master of his own world. A world that with a great speed is clashing into mine. I can’t escape the facts, the real facts of imagination.

And the actor is a charming man. He flirts, totally aware of being recorded, he is the subject of game, he knows it all, but the viewer might find him lost in dreams. Well, it appears he’s lost. But he is there, more present than anyone. And its because he’s present in the moment that gives him the ability to create a parallel moment, a more beautiful one. A moment of his own, with Sophie and the yellow Ferrari.

Andreas off course doesn’t like to go to the cinema, to watch films. To passively see someone else’s imagination. His aim is not to see fiction, he wants to realise it, be a part of it and feel it with his own hands, to be the centre of universe. Nothing more nothing less. The wish we all share? But few dares to show. Clown, actor, director, star? No matter what, or, all of it! As long as you believe.

But it’s not only about making dreams of his own. If someone is ill  Andreas plays the doctor and orders helicopters to pick up the person, all by some simple phone calls. Intuition comes from the heart and he knows what is needed to bring up a smile, even though he never shows that he is aware of what he’s doing. And that’s what make me trust him.

one who interprets



Text by Hedda Viå