Simon Mullan

Simon Mullan
Counter Balance

Opening May 4, 17–20
Lill-Jans plan 6
SE-114 25 Stockholm

Exhibition runs until June 4


Just as we understand that those within our instagram bubbles are performing a set of codes, city life beyond galleries, media and academia is made up of performances designed for other bubbles with other codes. The boys performing scooter tricks in the car park. The tension between fun and fear of falling off. The territory marked with low level graffiti. Grime blasted from a front yard. The guy playing 80s rock while driving around Hackney in a pointy, angular, missile shaped Pontiac Firebird, as supersized and as alien as the Topgun era America it came from. Every drive by a moment of urban ecstasy for observer and driver alike. Glimpses of boys buying and selling criminalised substances, displays of ostentatious stealth. That these happenings are not contextualised or documented by the elite doesn’t mean the actors involved are not invested, don’t research, or work hard to cultivate an aesthetic.

The art of building can be understood as a form of installation, creating the spaces we exist in, the resulting building’s presence amongst the city a source of recognition and status for it’s creators. Sure texts on architecture abound, but the act of building itself should also be compared to craft, that it is never wrapped up in the language of added value; never described as artisanal, nor part of the maker movement is oversight. Maybe building’s dirt and danger happen too close to home? Like artists, builders hate suits and ties, offices and the petty confines of politesse. Unlike artists, society condemns them for these feelings. But in contrast to many of the city’s performers and lost boys, building feels less like a form of madness, less doomed to fail, less like something you feel guilty about not growing out of.

Daryoush Haj-Najafi, April 2017

2 December, 2016—15 January, 2017
Hugo Canoilas, Christoph Meier and Simon Mullan

ART+TEXT BUDAPEST is pleased to present Transitioning Spaces, an exhibition of site-specific artworks by three contemporary artists from Vienna: Hugo Canoilas, Christoph Meier and Simon Mullan, Curator: Jade Niklai.
Vienna Contemporary / Nathalie Halgand
ABC Berlin 15—18 September 2016 Station-Berlin Dittrich & Schlechtriem | Simon Mullan

EIGEN + ART Lab – in Zusammenarbeit mit Dr. Hans-Jörg Clement, Kurator des Trustee Programm der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung / 5.7. – 30.7.2016

Group show at Sven-Harrys konstmuseum / Swedish Art: Now!20 apr—6 jun 2016
Dittrich&Schlechtriem / DIE FUGE /EXHIBITION: 13 FEBRUARY – 02 APRIL 2016
SOMETHING ELSE , OFF Biennale CAIRO / Opening 28th of November / Curated by Power Ekroth.
Event Potential / Group show curated by GSL Berlin at Harbor Gallery , New York.
OPEN STUDIO : 29.04 : 19:00- 23:00 ( opening ) running to 03.05.
Group show at Belenius/Nordenhake. State of Being ,
Solo show at “haubrok foundation” / Berlin / Fahrbereitschaft Berlin. March 2015 !
Solo show at Belmacz-Gallery / London / UK  : POPULARIS 23.February 2015.
Group show at Belmacz Gallery ” NUTCRACKER” 01. december 2014
Solo show at “Belenius&Nordenhake” Jakobtorg 3 / 21 august – 21 september  / Stockholm, Sweden.
The Final show at 21er Haus / Performance within Franz Graf Finisage / Vienna / 2014.
BIOTOP : Group exhibition at Biologiska Museet in Stockholm
Participating artists: Alexander Gutke, Allen Grubesic, Bigert & Bergström, Hilde Retzlaff, Ilja Karilampi, Johan Strandahl, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Karl Norin, Luca Frei, Maria Hedlund, Nadine Byrne, Simon Denny, Simon Mullan, Sophie Tottie, Willem Andersson.
HIGH ON LOW LIFE  / February 2014 / Telemark Kunstnerssenter / Norway, group show curated by Power Ekroth.
16 May – 25 May 2013 : “Intermorior” is screened at Eyebeam Art+Technology center i NYC as apart of “video_dumbo”.
01. Dez- 31 March 2012 : A project in collaboration with Klas Eriksson and Curated by Alida Ivanov.
31. Aug. – 16. Sep. 2012 Solo Exhibition at Belmacz Gallery : CITY / URBAN CAMOUFLAGE
07. July Rencontres Internationales / Haus der Kulturen der Welt / Berlin, Germany 2012.
24. May – 21. Juni 2012. Group exhibition at ANNAELLE Gallery, Stockholm Sweden.
11. May 2012. “Top Nice” Exhibition at SVARTA HALET Stockholm  Sweden.
08. May 2012. Screening of ” Intermorior” at Beirut Art Center in Lebanon.
31. March 2012. :Performance for a TOP NICE event at Liljevachs Konsthall, Stockholm Sweden.