Simon Mullan

Spürst du den bösen Blick.

Performative video installation 2004.

In Collaboration with Karla Spiluttini.

Mandala Award / European TV and Film Forum / 1st Place / Vienna, Austria 2004.

Primary base of the work was demand for an action or reaction of the people moving around the city of Vienna.The aim was to make them unintentional actors, force them to a short moment of collective attention and discontinue their attention. The throwing of new years crackers into crowds, initially expression of a very infantile form of practical jokes, is reassigned through concentration on the instant of fear and the accumulation of many of those frightening moments. Throughout the video, the attention shifts from a naive kind of malicious joy to a kind of brutal voyeurism which develops a morbid lust in the suffering of others. The use of handfilmed camera sequences and the specific form of asthetics, which may vaguely remind of the gaze through a keyhole, that were chosen for the presentation, are enforcing those voyeuristic tendencies.

Text by Karla Spiluttini.